The Mini Mass Kit contains all the necessary elements for Mass that would be found on the altar.

What follows is a short description of each item with some questions that could be used to engage your child in prayer while exploring the Mini Mass Kit.


The altar is the place where we gather our offerings and give them to God, God takes the normal things we offer and makes them special.

What are the normal things we would like to offer to God today?


The corporal is a small square of fabric on which the paten and chalice are placed; it is used to mark out the special area where the miracle of Jesus becoming present will happen.

Is there a special place where you most like to pray?


During the Mass there is a crucifix present on the altar, this is to help the priest to focus on Jesus during the Mass, otherwise he could get distracted.

What distracts us from Jesus?


The candles on the altar are a symbol of Christ’s presence as the Light of the World in our midst; Christ dispels the darkness in the room as he does in our world.

Who can you think of that needs the Light of Jesus in their life at the moment?


The paten is a plate, usually made from a precious metal, which carries the bread. The paten is given special honour as it will hold Jesus present in the bread.

How do I give Jesus special honour or respect?


The host begins just as dried bread, we offer the host to God the Father during Mass and it then becomes the real presence of Jesus. As dried bread the host represents how ordinary we are.

In what ways am I ordinary?


The chalice is a goblet usually made from a precious metal. The chalice is filled with wine which, during Mass, becomes the real presence of Jesus. The wine represents how special we are.

In what ways am I special?


The purificator is the cloth that is used to clean and purify the paten and the chalice.

To be pure we apologise for the mistakes we make; are there any things I should say sorry for?

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